Inner Quiet Yoga is a place where you are encouraged to stretch and challenge yourself, unwind and relax, build stronger connections between mind, body and spirit. The studio welcomes anyone with a desire to learn yoga. Classes have a body friendly approach and are supportive of individual needs. The yoga practice at Inner Quiet Yoga cultivates health and well-being, moving you toward integrated balance in all aspects of your life.

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Anne Ryan is the current care-taker of the space at Inner Quiet Yoga. She is carrying on a tradition of fostering yoga  and well-being that has a long history. Twenty five years ago Irene Beer started teaching yoga in this space. Many of us benefited from her  teaching, have deepened our practice and broadened our education so that we are able to continue to foster the unfolding of the yoga journey that she started. Inner Quiet Yoga is the next step in the evolution  of that path, bringing together the threads of the traditions of the past and the deepening knowledge of the present. By offering a wide range of classes and workshops, Inner Quiet Yoga, invites us to create a practice that is tailored to our individual needs and interests. Reminding us that the word yoga means union and is an invitation to come home to ourselves, to connect deeply within, to find the space of inner quiet.



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